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.LAN 2014 Kickoff:



Just Days Away!

I've been running this event for quite some time and this week marks the end of a very, very long

Sponsors and Tournaments!

Good Afternoon!  Today I'm super excited to announce the finalization of our PC tournaments, as

Room Reservations Update

Hi Everyone!  I'm excited to announce that we've made things all official-like with a signed hot

.LAN - The Midwest LAN Party

October 2nd 2014 through October 5th 2014

.LAN (pronounced "dot lan") has been a premier midwest LAN party for six years. In 2008, we started small with just ten people in attendance over a day and a half in a converted garage. By 2012, .LAN grew to over 70 gamers. The event prides itself in sticking with core fundamentals: Games, Friends and Nerf. Lots and lots of Nerf. Whether you're new to .LAN or a seasoned veteran, we welcome you. Come and join us for this years event, we'll show you just why we're considered the Midwest's premier LAN party!

2012 was a historic year for us. We had over 70 gamers attend our four day event with some of the most action packed tournaments and table top gaming we've ever seen. The staff worked tirelessly for months to secure the perfect new home for our event and it paid off. .LAN 2012 came and went, and people noticed. We were proud to be called one of Wisconsin's premier LAN parties. Unfortunately, later that year, the hotel in which we dedicated so much time and energy closed down, leaving no time for the event to plan for 2013.

We are focusing on our roots for 2014. We'll have space for video games and space for table tops with enough room for just over 50 gamers at our new location. Sign up today, prepay and get your seat reserved! The return of .LAN will mark the return of something special, don't miss it!

For more information about the history of .LAN, check out our Event History page. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact .LAN Staff. We'll be sure to help out in any way possible.